About Us

Guided Audio Exercises- What are they? Who are they for?

Guided Therapeutic Exercise was inspired by the need in our own clinical practice to give our patients specific exercises to address their sensitive nervous system.  This includes both peripheral and central sensitization.

Chronic pain is at an all-time high. Clinicians use many therapeutic approaches to address the biological tissues involved in chronic pain states.  A biomedical model of care works well for acute pain. However, research demonstrates that a biopsychosocial approach is the desired method for dealing with persistent pain. In order to do this, pain must be evaluated in this broad framework, and exercise must address the entire person, including their sensitized nervous system. Exercise must be non-threatening, gentle and fun to effectively down regulate the protection that the nervous system creates.  At Guided Therapeutic Exercises, we have adapted and melded principles from different training systems to create audio exercise downloads and instruction sheets which integrate the principles of qi gong, neural gliding, imagery, and slow gentle movement with the benefit of focusing the patient’s attention on the sensation of non-threatening movement.  The goal is to rebuild the patient’s motor maps without producing a painful response. Improve your outcomes with persistent pain patients- address their nervous system, moving beyond treating only their muscles and joints.

By purchasing an exercise track(s) you own the copyright to distribute these exercises to your patients.  These tracks are audio exercise sheets aimed at restoring your patient’s nervous system.