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Guided Therapeutic Exercise

Qi Gong and Chronic Pain! Why live with chronic pain when you don’t have to?

Wen et al. 2013 study the effect of a 6 week Qi Gong exercise intervention in reducing pain within two patients with fibromyalgia. Results showed that Qi Gong was an effective method at reducing pain and improving sleep in these patients with fibromyalgia. Furthermore, Qi Gong also proved to be an effective method in which […]

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Relaxation and imagery for chronic, nonmalignant pain: Effects on pain symptoms, quality of life, and mental health

Researchers performed a pilot study to observe the effects of a 6-week progressive relaxation technique and guided imagery intervention on patients with chronic pain. Results showed consistent and significant improvements on the patient’s pain as well as an increase in mental health and generally all domains of quality of life. The study was 7 weeks […]

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Bridging the gap between mind and body: A biobehavioral model of the effects of guided imagery on pain, pain disability, and depression

Chronic noncancer pain (CNCP) is a disorder that is associated with such things as decline in emotional well being, physical and functional health, as well as overall quality of life. In CNCP there is often a high comorbidity of depression. During guided imagery exercises, images are suggested in part or whole by a guide in […]

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Relaxation as treatment for chronic musculoskeletal pain

Chronic musculoskeletal pain is very common in today’s western society. With chronic musculosketetal pain many patients encounter such things as: sleeping disorders, fatigue, depression, and mood disturbances. Some of the relaxation techniques used in this study are as follows: progressive muscle relaxation, guided imagery and autogenic training. In this study 12 randomized control trials were […]

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Mind-body Therapies- Use in chronic pain management

As humans, our minds play a key role in our day-to-day lives. Our mind, emotions and attention play a very important role in our experience of pain. In many patients with chronic pain, stress, fear and depression can amplify the perception of pain. Mind-body approaches may include progressive muscle relaxation, meditation, mindfulness based approaches, guided […]

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Positive thinking eases pain: Five minutes of behaviour therapy can reduce discomfort by up to 60%

Positive thinking can ease pain by altering how you experience it, a study claims. Just five minutes of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) led to a reduction in pain of nearly 60 per cent. Scientists at the University of Reading used thermal probes to apply heat to the arms of 34 volunteers, generating pain similar to […]