Guided Therapeutic Exercise – Who We Are

Mission statement

The mission of Guided Therapeutic Exercise is to provide clinicians with a variety of high-quality audio exercise sheets which can be distributed, with a specified copyright agreement, to their patients in order to focus on retraining patient’s central nervous systems.

 Carolyn Vandyken Andrew Vandyken Brendan Vandyken

Andrew Vandyken, Owner, Kinesiology student

Andrew is currently taking his last course to complete his degree in Kinesiology from Wilfred Laurier University. Andrew is a personal trainer; he is certified to use the “Happy Body program” and has worked with pelvic pain patients to modify/adapt workouts to suit the needs of these patients. Working with persistent pain patients inspired him to create a range of products for the therapist’s toolbox that would help approach the problem of developing exercises that were fun, novel and interesting in order to target the sensori-motor cortex and the sensitive nervous system. Creating audio exercise “sheets” allows the therapist to provide a systematic way to downregulate the sympathetic nervous system, re-train movement in the sensori-motor cortex that does not involve a “pain” neurotag, and allow the addition of a yoga script to yoga-style exercises taught by clinicians.


Brendan Vandyken, Owner, Kinesiology student

Brendan is a 3rd year honor student in kinesiology studying at Brock University. Currently, he is focusing on completing his degree and pursuing a Master’s degree in Physiotherapy. He participates regularly in yoga, qi gong and various other fitness programs, including training to compete in his first triathalon. He became interested in looking at neuromuscular re-education when volunteering for the Spinal Cord rehabilitation program at Brock University with Dr. David Ditor.


Carolyn Vandyken, Consultant

 Carolyn graduated from McMaster University in 1986 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Physiotherapy, and has practiced in a wide variety of clinical settings, focusing primarily on orthopedics. She has been a McKenzie credentialed physiotherapist since 1999 and has been a member of the Canadian College of Medical Acupuncture since 2002. Her clinical focus changed to Pelvic Health and Incontinence in 2001. She owned and managed her own clinical practice from 1999-2009; she then became the Clinical Practice Leader for Centric Health from 2009-present, mentoring and training pelvic health physiotherapists throughout Canada. Carolyn has spoken at over 50 conferences and grand round presentations throughout Canada and the United States. Carolyn was an invited speaker at the First World Congress for Abdominal-Pelvic Pain in Amsterdam (2013) on central pain mechanisms and abdomino-pelvic pain and at the International Pelvic Pain Conference (2014) in Chicago on the same topic. She has presented at various workshops at international conferences, including the NOI Pain and Neurodynamics conference in Adelaide, Australia (2012) and the APTA’s Combined Sections Meeting in Indianapolis (2015). Carolyn co-authored two peer-reviewed framework articles with Sandra Hilton on the assessment and treatment of persistent pelvic pain; they also contributed a chapter to the IASP proceedings for the 1st World Congress on Abdomino-Pelvic Pain (2014).  Carolyn and Sandra just published the first book on patient-centered pain science education for pelvic pain, Why Pelvic Pain hurts, along with physical therapist, Adriaan Louw in 2014.


Carolyn won the prestigious Woman of Distinction award from the YWCA in 2003 for her work in pelvic floor rehabilitation. Her paitents have been her best teachers, and she is thankful for all that they share with her, and entrust to her. Carolyn would like to disclose that she has no financial interest in Guided Therapeutic Exercise.