Sitting Body Map 1


Product Description

This audio exercise is a combination of Feldenkrais techniques and the Franklin method. These exercises can be used as an introduction to change the quality of attention to a patients sitting position, and to help improve self-awareness. These exercises teach patients about the sensori-motor cortex and are useful for people who sit for a significant part of their day. Within the sitting body map is a variety of exercises including: sitting pelvic clock, sitting neutral, breathing, and sitting relaxation.

The sitting pelvic clock exercise reorganizes the body map of sitting in the brain. It is useful for central sensitization and fear of sitting, and to decrease spinal stress in those who sit for long periods of time. It changes awareness of the base of support while sitting.

Sitting neutral teaches neutral alignment of the spine. Patients should come back to a position of neutral alignment often during the day. However, they should not stay in this rigid position all day either since sitting should be a dynamic, relaxed affair.

Sitting breathing teaches the use of the diaphragm while in a neutral sitting posture.

The last exercise, sitting relaxation addresses the sensitive nervous system generally, creating a sense of relaxation and letting go.

This track is ideal for people who work in an office environment, or administration positions who require long periods of prolonged sitting and repetitive movements throughout their daily routine.