After suffering with chronic pelvic pain for many years, I have pursued
many different therapies in order to alleviate my suffering. Medication,
physical therapy, yoga and meditation have all shared equal importance in
my recovery. It became apparent once all my physical issues were
addressed that there was a large psychological and emotional component to
my pain that needed to be addressed. I have always found meditation and
relaxation difficult, and when my physiotherapist recommended a more
guided approach  I was eager to try it. I have used body scans, positive
affirmations, guided meditation, relaxation and yoga to help calm my
hyper vigilant nervous system. Having audio files on my iPod has been a
very easy and convenient way to access the relaxation and self care
resources I need while also leading a busy life. They are one more
excellent tool in my arsenal against a very formidable chronic pain


Oakville, Ontario
55 years old


As a chronic pain patient, each of my providers has emphasized the
importance of breath — both as a tool to cope with my pain and as a way
to bring oxygen to my muscles and help them heal.  I have always found
it difficult to practice healing, restorative breathing while counting
my inhales and exhales, making sure my diaphragm moves the right way,
and coping with severe pain all the while.  These guided imagery tracks
do all the hard work for me.  As I follow Andrew’s gentle guidance, I
find my breath’s rhythm, and my body starts to relax.  During a recent
week-long hospital stay that involved excruciating pain, I played these
tracks countless times.  My nurses even liked them!  My ability to
follow his instructions allowed me to bring some modicum of peace and
healing into my own body, regardless of the chaos around me.  My
personal favorite is track 7 (“extended exhale”).  These tracks are my
go-to tool when I feel a pain flare coming on — they bring my focus to
the present, rather than to fear of what’s to come, and they help to
keep me in control of my body’s pain response and the correlative


Chicago, Illinois