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The liver tango revitalizes the liver by producing random movement within the liver and right side of the body. Place your hands on the right side of your body directly over the liver, one hand on the front, and the other on the back. Tango and salsa music are played to promote a fun, easy mood during the exercise. This dance with your organs helps to loosen up the organs on the right side of the body and helps to facilitate normal organ rhythm. All of our tissues should have certain elasticity about them.



This exercise continues the focus on the organs of the body and switches the attention to the left side of the body. Your hands are placed on the left side of the body to help visualize where the organs sit inside their body. Gentle forward and backward bending is used to help you visualize the movement of these organs within the body with the aid of the breath. By linking the breath and the movement, this exercise puts emphasis on awareness within the body.



This exercise uses imagery to help visualize the movement of the intestines within the lower abdomen. Descriptive words are used to paint a picture of how the intestines are arranged within the body so that the patient can visualize what is happening with their body during the exercise. Gentle heel lifts are used to give the sensation of lifting the intestines off of the bladder and hip flexors. This can be helpful for IBS and other inflammatory bowel problems.

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